Marko Lindqvist writes:
>  Memory-leak wise S2_4 server seems to be in excellent condition! I
> just had server-only autogame running in valgrind for several days. In
> the end there was just a bit over 300k of unfreed memory. Seems like
> there was no single continuous leak - that 300k is just some buffers
> allocated in the beginning, kept in memory and not freed in the end.


A few astring buffers are expected to leak, due to its idiomatic use.
>From astring.c:

  One pattern for using astr_str() is to replace static buffers in
  functions that return a pointer to static storage. Where previously
  you would have had e.g. "static struct buf[128]" with an arbitrary
  size limit, you can have "static struct astring buf", and re-use the
  same astring on subsequent calls; the caller should behave the
  same (only reading the string and not freeing it).

So instead of tying up storage in a fixed-size static buffer for the
convenience of the caller not having to take responsibility for
freeing the storage, you're tying up a malloc block of some random
size. The malloc block from the last time the function was called will
hang around at program exit. I could imagine some of those strings
being substantial (e.g., in helper functions for constructing help

Perhaps these will be easy to teach valgrind to spot?

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