Compiling and installing TRUNK in my build dir i cant run the freeciv:

cd ~/freeciv/freecivbuild/bin
$ ./freeciv-gtk2
1: Invalid NULL default string for option default_tileset_name.
1: in option_str_set() [options.c::752]: assertion '((void *)0) != str' 
1: Please report this message at
0: No usable default tileset found, aborting!

$ ./freeciv-server
This is the server for Freeciv version 2.4.99-dev
You can learn a lot about Freeciv at
2: Loading rulesets.
0: "/usr/local/share/freeciv/default/techs.ruleset": ruleset datafile appears 
0: datafile options: +Freeciv-2.3-ruleset
0: supported options: +Freeciv-ruleset-Devel-2012.Feb.28
0: Capability problem

I've also found that related bug report:

What is the problem? Can it be fixed or must i install with the default dirs?


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