Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3614 (project freeciv):

> Perhaps it will become necessary in some circumstances for the
> map generator to actively ensure that such contiguous native
> areas exist? I assume you tested it with 'alien' and there are
> usually enough such areas generated naturally currently.

In fact I've found out that it's better to fail map generation in such cases.
It was very frustrating to enter the alien ruleset game and to play a few
turns just to find out that starting situation is unplayable, sometimes
several attempts in a row. And that's only your own starting position - it may
take very long time to find out that you don't have any AI to play against as
your enemy is locked to one tile area. I much prefer it to retry map
generation automatically, and failing even that to abort. Not that I've
encountered such a situation during testing - there's usually contiguous
areas, old code just happened to pick bad places instead.


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