Marko Lindqvist writes:
> This came up from Debian adding aarch64 support:
> In short: aarch64 support is very new addition to autotools, so for
> tarball to support it, it must be generated by latest autotools.
> What versions of autotools are we currently using for official tarball
> creation?

Ubuntu 10.04: autoconf 2.65-3ubuntu1, automake 1.11.1-1, autotools-dev
20090611.1. So certainly predating aarch64, given how recently ARM
announced it.

> Can we update? Must we rearrange responsibilities (I assume
> I could setup any autotools versions for the job)?

I will be upgrading the machine I use to build official tarballs by
April. Not exactly sure what to, but by default Ubuntu 12.04 (and almost
certainly nothing older), which yields autoconf 2.68-1ubuntu2, automake
1.11.3-1ubuntu2, autotools-dev 20120210.1ubuntu1. The latter appears to
be what is required.

So if we can put up with perhaps the next release or two not having the
ability to be built for 64-bit ARM without minor buggering about, then
the problem will solve itself.

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