Summary: No way to disable hack access of new clients of
local server with same user
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sun Feb 24 14:35:32 2013
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When I'm testing Freeciv from my checkout, and I launch a server separately
from the clients (to simulate a "real" client/server setup), all the clients
automatically get 'hack' access.

It's possible to downgrade already-connected clients with a server command
like 'cmdlevel basic', but this doesn't affect newly connecting clients.

This means it's hard (particularly for developers) to test the server the way
a real network server would be run; clients with "hack" access get all sorts
of random extra allowances (such as non-ASCII city names), so it would be easy
to miss bugs impacting real use.

It needs to remain possible for local separate-server-and-client setups to use
'hack', or e.g. editing will become impossible in that scenario. Arguably it
should remain the default behaviour (certainly it needs to be the default for
client-spawned servers).

I think the easiest answer is a server option or similar that allows automatic
hack access to be completely turned off. In this mode any single_want_hack_req
from the client is ignored. (This option ought to be only changeable at 'hack'
level, I think.)

In this mode, "hack" access would still be possible manually via /cmdlevel
(e.g. from the console).

If not the default, for this to be useful developers have to remember to use
it, but that's an improvement on the current situation.

Could have a server in this mode signal its unwillingness to play by returning
a blank filename to the client in join_reply, but that requires a capability
bump as existing clients will try to create the empty file. On stable branches
it's harmless to have the client create the file and return
you_have_hack=false anyway.

Might want to hide/disable/ignore this option for client-spawned servers, to
stop single-player users getting themselves into trouble by getting it somehow
saved it in their .freeciv-client-rc-X.X and being completely unable to start
a controlled server.


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