Follow-up Comment #5, bug #20498 (project freeciv):

> [13:14:57] in unit_virtual_destroy()
> [../../src/common/unit.c::1890]:
> assertion 'unit_list_size(punit->transporting) == 0' failed.

This at least indicates easy to spot bug. It might be separate issue, as I
didn't see this failed assert as the first one but only later appearance.

Code above this assert tries to unload all units from transport, so soemthing
has to go wrong with it for the assert to fail. And indeed, there's two
problems in unloading:
1) It's done in fc_assert() so won't do anything in release build
2) It uses unit_list_iterate() when it should use unit_list_iterate_safe() as
units are removed from the list during the iteration


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