Mon, Apr 01, 2013, Jacob Nevins wrote:
> What's the nature of the failure?
> If we're releasing 2.4.0-beta2 soon, I'm interested in portability
> hazards
> (Guess: are you switching a single working directory between trunk
> and S2_4? This is currently fraught, requiring "make maintainer-clean" and
> starting again. This bites me in my mad git-svn setup.)

    Ah, yes, precisely.  Thanks for the explanation: I wondered why
it didn't work.  I had thought that git reset --hard would be sufficient,
but perhaps that requires being less agressive with info/exclude :)

    Strangely, it had worked previously for some of my deeper history
investigation, but perhaps I just got lucky (or went far enough back
in time that the build system figured my machine was lying to it).

    Do I need to do anything other than `make maintainer-clean` to
operate in this manner, or are there other tricks that are important
if porting patches to stable branches for accurate testing?


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