Follow-up Comment #1, patch #3826 (project freeciv):

> whether to set "AlwaysOnCityCenter" or "AutoOnCityCenter" flag
> for road_type "road" in civ1, civ2, and civ2civ3 

civ1/civ2 always had the road on city center. As up to freeciv-2.4, freeciv
always gave, and expected, road to all city center tiles, including oceanic

> AlwaysOnCityCenter is correct unless someone had intentionally
> changed this behaviour.

That was intentionally changed when it became possible to have city center
without road (one of the first commits to TRUNK after S2_4 was branched). Idea
was to test how it works in gameplay and somehow change it if need arises. So
far nobody has complained.
Note that code has evolveld so that when "city center *needs* road" was first
changed to "roads requirements are always respected", it was impossible to
have ruleset with road always on city center. "AlwaysOnCityCenter" flag was
only later introduced.


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