Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3820 (project freeciv):

I happened to be looking at precisely how IgTer worked today, and noticed that
the paired IGTER conditionals at the end of tile_move_cost_ptrs() could
potentially cause units that don't have UTYF_IGTER to fail to be penalised for
entering non-native terrain, if the ruleset author set the movement_cost of
that terrain in such a way that movement_cost * SINGLE_MOVE was less than
MOVE_COST_IGTER.  I don't believe this to be possible with the current code (I
tested setting grassland to have a movement_cost of 0, and making lots of
grassland in an editing session before trying to move on it, but this didn't
grant maglev/railroad like movement, but rather cost SINGLE_MOVE per move), so
this might not actually be a problem with the patch.  Nonetheless, does anyone
happen to be working in this area, and want to reference history, and look
this patch up on GNA, I thought it worth mentioning the potential problem.

The code prior to the application of this patch would not be affected by such
a modification of SINGLE_MOVE and MOVE_COST_IGTER (or a different means of
intepreting movement_cost).  If anyone is particularly concerned, I would be
willing to update the patch to avoid this condition.


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