Follow-up Comment #6, patch #3820 (project freeciv):

My response to my own itchiness had been to add "Allow IgTer movement scaling
based on unit type" to my ToDo, figuring that I would be able to resolve any
odd feelings as part of that.  Unfortunately, the way that
pf_tools.c:igter_move_unit() uses MOVE_COST_IGTER made me think this would be
a sufficiently invasive change that it wasn't suitable for 2.5, but the
partial patch I produced did include the conditional change (because it became
much more relevant when using unit_type(punit)->igter_max_move_cost which
could sensibly have values as high as 6, and was inherently unavailable for
units without UTYF_IGTER), and when I decided to postpone the feature, I
mentioned it here.

Anyway, here's an updated patch that only returns prior to the nativity check
if the unit is UTYF_IGTER.  This change to this patch doesn't affect the
application of patch#3829 (which depends upon this), so that will not be

(file #17670)

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