Follow-up Comment #9, patch #3836 (project freeciv):

If there is an explicit preference, it would be good to have it mentioned in
CodingStyle.  I also prefer space at the end of the line, although many of the
codebases I've worked with have the space at the beginning.  My assumption is
that space at the beginning of the line is a handy way to ensure there really
is a space there when sometimes working in formats where end-of-line
whitespace is invisible.

For the sake of completeness, I've removed the spurious extra
beginning-of-line spaces in the attached patch (reqs-docs-better2.patch).

I'll open a new patch to handle the 0/1->FALSE/TRUE checks.  Do I read
correctly that you want this to cause a ruleset_error in lookup_req_list() ?

(file #17706)

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