Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3756 (project freeciv):

Could some of this be integrated with the concept in patch #2721?  Provide,
say, 5 keystrokes for players to allocate (e.g. EFIMR), which the ruleset
author would then define as different types in the ruleset and provide test
labels for use in menus, etc.  Depending on the nature of the ruleset, the
author would presumably take care to to ensure that the same keystroke was
unlikely to do two different things at the same time (by use of a catch-all
type="Other" which had been assigned no keystroke).  Players needing to build
something other than the set of defaults would need to resort to the menus. 
Shift-keystroke should presumably imply connect-with (connect-with-base seems
odd, unless you consider someone attempting to build the great wall, or a
ruleset that has implemented mining or irrigation as bases).

So, if I have a complex set of extras, I presumably have a reasonably small
number of them that would be sensibly appropriate as a next step, and could
overload keystrokes in cases where one depended upon another (e.g. Watchtower,
Fortification, Outpost, Base or Track, Road, Highway, Maglev or Irrigation,
Farmland).  If I have specialised extras for certain circumstances, I should
probably be constraining that in the definitions: e.g. Derrick/Pit Mine/Strip
Mine/Gold Mine all provide "mine" like effects, but presumably have different
conditions under which they are the appropriate sort of mine, so I should do
something like not allow Derrick where there is no Oil resource; not allow pit
mine on terrains that aren't hill/mountain or places that have no gold; only
allow Gold Mine on gold; and only allow strip mine on desert/glacier where
there is no Oil.

For the previously mentioned case of Tower/Force Fortress: is it worth having
extras have an obsoleted_by concept?  I don't think the reqs should enforce
that, as then all the old Towers won't meet reqs, and may not survive some
operations (like terrain transform), but I agree that it would be nice to be
able to indicate that outdated extras should no longer be built.  Alternately,
perhaps there could be some other sort of overloading: if there are two kinds
of Canal, one permitted by adjacent River and one permitted by adjacent
Oceanic, it would be nice to be able to specify a preference for the correct
one, even if neither is truly obsolete.  Maybe a "prefer" vector that
indicates that all extras listed there should be built in preference to the
one containing the vector when a build request is made?

For the extra special case, the menus are likely sufficient, and I know I'd be
happier with single-keystroke orders in the simple case than more complex
ones: in the event I need a menu quickly, having keyboard access to the menu
seems better than having a popup potentially obscuring vision of the area
under consideration.


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