Follow-up Comment #15, patch #3826 (project freeciv):

My apologies.  I suppose I'm used to significantly less mature projects, where
a feature freeze tends to happen only immediately prior to release (but
releases correspondingly tend to be buggier without the overlap).

Attached is a patch with the trivalue logic.  I noticed while producing this
that we unconditionally remove obsolete buildings on city takeover: while I
think it outside the scope of this patch (improvements don't currently use
negated requirements to indicate obsolescence, nor do roads/bases have a cache
of potential obsolecense conditions), it probably makes sense to review this
code section for 2.6, and give the same treatment for improvements and extras:
the new player may not want some obsolete infrastructure which no longer
provides a useful bonus (or may even cause a penalty, depending on applicable

(file #17815)

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