Marko Lindqvist writes:
>  - Ruleset comments are what someone copying one of our supplied rulesets
> as base of their modification reads. (S)he is much more unlikely to check
> some detail from separate document than reading it from the very file (s)he
> is editing. At least classic (or whatever is our default ruleset at the
> time) should have everything documented.
>  - I see README.rulesets more of as overview of what rulesets are,
> containing thngs that apply to all ruleset files (such as inifile syntax)
> that do not fit in comments of any particular ruleset.

I have been toying over the years with centralising the comments in the
default (now classic ruleset) and making the other supplied rulesets
just point to that one, to make it easier to maintain a single
reference. But I take your point that people might be taking any of our
supplied rulesets as their starting point.

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