Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3775 (project freeciv):

I was developing a ruleset based on Ancients. The AI does a bad job on it so I
went into the code and this patch is just one of many things I came across.
The discussion of it is now already way out of proportion of any harm or
benefit from that patch.

So let's instead concentrate on what SHOULD be done for a proper, general
solution for bodyguard assignment.

You have mentioned some points that make bodyguard assignment complex, and I
will add some:

1) unit types move differently according to terrain
2) unit types move differently according to terrain modifications (roads,
rivers, others?)
3) unit types have different needs for fuel or are susceptible to hit point
4) units may have extra move points depending on veteran status
5) different unit types may have different behavior on transport or
6) movement points may vary on technologies researched

7) some units ignore zones of control, others don't

8) unit defense strength may vary greatly with terrain/modifications
9) strong attacking units might provide better protection than those strong in
10-20) I probably missed some

So in total, in some rulesets there might be some kind of guardian angel that
can follow wherever you go, but generally this will not be the case.

>From what I recon, there is no way around assigning bodyguards dynamically,
more than one (to send one ahead while the other keeps rearguard, essential
when the master-plan involves airlifting), and checking on every move if the
guards can follow.

The routine that assigns bodyguards will need to receive some insight of the
planed moves, that is, a path to target, and the unit that should be protected
has to check on every move if the guard(s) can follow or if some guards are
already at the tile where it wants to move to.


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