Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20881 (project freeciv):

It's in utility/netintf.c:set_socket_errno() inside #ifdef HAVE_WINSOCK. This
translates numeric WSAGetLastError() into a numeric value for the global
'errno' variable, which something distant might later report (intermediate
networking code expects Unix errno symbols so it can test for EINTR; these are
#defined to Windows equivalents on Windows in netintf.h.)
(Although fc_get_errno() just calls GetLastError() on Windows, and
fc_strerror() calls Windows FormatMessage()).)
Perhaps the right thing is just to get rid of the "missing errno mapping"
message, since many callers call fc_strerror(fc_get_errno()), which might
deliver a textual message? Unless you really needed to call
That's about as far as I got.


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