Summary: Work on a terrain reaching last turn may continue
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            Submitted on: Sun 07 Jul 2013 06:41:32 PM GMT
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I think it will be better to make my suggestion with an example: Let's there's
say a forest with workers/settlers/engineers already irrigating and it's its
last turn, there was just enough work done and it would be completed the next
turn. Now another worker arrived and is ready for an action and the best thing
is to just wait, perhaps making a road would be counterproductive as when the
terrain is altered to plain, the same action will be quicker. So the best
action is to just wait until the terrain is changed then ripe for another
irrigation, this time taking just 1 turn as the workers stack would be high

Instead of taking no action or the same action not being productive (as
sometimes when there's too much workers, the best is just have some of them
watch as if they get close by, it will slow those already there), the action
would take place but on the next stage ; that when the irrigation is already
sufficient for the forest to become a plain, that further irrigation on that
same turn be applied on the plain, which doesn't yet show neither give the
output but should be basis for further action.

So to imagine for my example: currently the workers stack spread all over the
forest synchronizing themselves to have it altered to a plain at the end of
the turn (50 or 25 or ... or 1 year) ; instead as I propose, imagine having
the workers fully making the alteration (forest to plain) section by section,
the more workers, the more sections done, now ... Oh yes! I see how my
suggestion would need to be limited as in my last paragraph parenthesis.
So--only if the stack wasn't high enough on the last turn to complete the
alteration in 1 turn--the sections already being plains could right implement
the irrigation infrastructure.

So an alteration after the next stage of the alteration (plain for forest
irrigation), it could only go so far as the free section allow it.

So let's say there's a plain with no workers on it. Then 3 workers arrive
starting to make an irrigation infrastructure, each working on a 5th of the
tile. The next turn, the tile is 3/5 irrigated, 2/5 without infrastructure, 2
workers finish the irrigation then the next worker start making a road on the
irrigated part ; now because road on plain halves terrain, working up to 50%
per turn, but because the workable terrain is over that, 60%, that alteration
portion will fully take place.

The philosophy behind this is that at some point, the terrain is too saturated
for any more productive work to take place ; but also that the current scheme
doesn't allow for work in unsaturated portions (if a sectional but complete
method is allowed (instead of gradual but fuly spread)).

Sorry about the title, it was the best I could to cram what I meant in a few
words, please feel free to modify it accordingly.


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