Update of bug #20886 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release: 2.3.5,2.4.0,2.5.0,2.6.0 => 2.3.5,2.4.1,2.5.0,2.6.0


Follow-up Comment #7:

>> Then again, maybe building the fortress should be always
>> allowed, but the change is made to who owns the fortress in
>> the end.

> That only makes sense with allies.

You mean that if one builds fortress within peaceful borders, one should get
the fortress and borders. I think it's your action of building the fortress
for peaceful nation that may not make sense.

Naturally, if you're in war, you would still get the fortress for yourself. to
sum the proposed code change: If territory-claiming base is built within
borders of someone builder is not in war with, owner of the base will be that
border owner, not builder.

Note that this DOES have some not-so-obvious consequences when there's already
some other base on the tile. If owner of those is builder of the new base,
(s)he will lose all bases to border owner.

Anyway, this is not a regression since 2.3, so could, or at this point:
should, wait to 2.4.1.


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