Follow-up Comment #8, bug #20886 (project freeciv):

Attached patch is 100% rule set based. It is primarily intended as a
contribution to the discussion.
 * Transfer of ownership to border owner isn't addressed. (It may be possible
to create an effect or requirement vector on the extra to trigger the
transfer. Creating that should probably wait until extras have settled down)
 * The patch will only work on trunk. It adds requirements about the
diplomatic relationship between terrain owner and the builder as build
requirements of border claiming bases.

The patch forbids building terrain claiming bases on the terrain of players
you have peace or armistice with. Others are still allowed. I don't have
strong feelings about what relations should prevent base building. My
reasoning for the requirements I added: Building on the terrain of an ally may
be needed to defend him. Cease-fire expires to war so some stealing is
expected. Armistice expires to peace so stealing isn't expected.

(file #18721)

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