Hi freeCiv Devs,
I'm developing an ERP with enfasis on Gis for farming industries.
I was thinking of using a freeCiv like user interface to show and edit the
GIs information.
I was wondering if someone could point me to a staring point to understand
the freeciv graphic engine.

The use case would be something like this:
The application will have a world representation of approximately 1 square
meter per tile.
The user uploads a satellite image or topographical map of his farm and he
can adjust it to the actual position in the world.
The user can define regions and names to them to be used for queries later.
The user can upload machine generated gis information of a
labor(sowing,spraying, harvesting) done to the field and is drawn and
animated on the world map.
The user can review the work done to a region of tiles o a single tile and
put in terms of money the revenue generated by each tile.

Well so far i have been working with javafx so i would have to port
everything but im most interested in learning the architecture so i could
re-use it.
By the way the project is open source and is posted here

I would appreciate any comments as if you think this would be the right
approach for this problem.
Thanks in advance,
Tomas Lund Petersen
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