Like in Freeciv development, Linux kernel development starting from
2.6.x -series has had evolutionary improvements from version to
version. That means there's no single point of total rewrite that
would justify bumping major version number for any single release.
Linus decided to go to version 3.0 simply because of the age of the
project - when third decade of Linux development begun.
Freeciv will turn 20 in a couple of years. Maybe we too should bump
our major version to 3, instead of forever going with 2.x -releases.
The release to best coincide with the 20th anniversary is probably
what will come out of current trunk, but to stress that version number
is not that important, I would keep that as 2.6, but go to 3.0 only in
release after it. Version number 2.6 is already used in many places
(including tickets that are targeted to it) and I don't want to waste
resources to change it to 3.0. But version 2.7 is not yet used
anywhere (or at least many places - I may have mentioned it in some
ticket as the version I'm going to postpone some change to), so that
we can start calling 3.0 from the beginning if we want.

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