Summary: map size selection buggy
                 Project: Freeciv
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            Submitted on: Wed 18 Sep 2013 04:26:47 PM UTC
                Category: general
                Severity: 2 - Minor
                Priority: 5 - Normal
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        Originator Email: jony.r...@gmail.com
             Open/Closed: Open
                 Release: 2.4.0
         Discussion Lock: Any
        Operating System: GNU/Linux
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the map selection options are weird and buggy.

the selection method by tiles per player still has the same 1000 limit
(126.000 tiles) as the previous release.

the total numbers of tiles has a smaller upper limit (2.048.000) then x*y
tiles which allows up to 32768 for each axis giving a total of 1.073.741.824
maximum (theoretical) tiles.

only the x*y tiles seem to work for maps above some (seemingly arbitrary
number of around 130-200 tiles, sometimes it's higher then other times) with
total # of tiles; it says

"The server couldn't allocate starting positions.
Failed to create suitable map, retrying with another mapseed
The server couldn't allocate starting positions.
Cannot create suitable map with given settings.
Please report this message at http://gna.org/projects/freeciv/";

but at some point between 500*500 (25.000.000) and 700*700 the x*y map size
selection also gives the same problem.

Seems like options that don't work shouldn't be given as option to begin with,
otherwise users are at a loss at to what they can and can't do and leaves them
having to try out things.

having said this, given this problem arises at very big map games it is not
much important/priority but is a problem never the less.

Another problem is the isohex and hex option doesn't seem to work, it just
chooses the isometric instead AFAI can tell, but something seems to be
different, I didn't bother checking what that difference is.

P.S. this is 1st time I report a bug, let me know if I am doing something
wrong and how to do it right.

P.P.S I wanted to post this as a comment in bug
http://gna.org/bugs/index.php?21072 but there was no submit button (maybe I
had to log in, but I have no account, and when registering firefox said the
connection is not trusted, so too much hassle to post a comment)


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