Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21148 (project freeciv):

Thank you for you bug report. I'm not familiar with the code generator but I
hope I'll be able to help. (To the more experienced developers: please let us
know if I said anything wrong)

> this is 1st time I report a bug, let me know if I am doing something wrong
and how to do it right.
This is the first time I try to help someone that has filed a Freeciv bug
report. If I sound angry, insulting or otherwise got the tone wrong blame my
English and lack of experience in answering bug reports. Here is what I was
able to find:
* separate issues belong in separate bug reports. It may be hard to tell what
is a different issue. A rule of thumb: If you feel like saying "Another
problem is" you are probably dealing with another issue.
* step by step instructions on how to reproduce an issue is often needed. Try
to remember if you have saved settings and what they are. This leaves less
room for the developers to misunderstand you. Example: Set "Map size
definition" to "With and height", "Map with in tiles" to 700 and "Map height
in tiles" to 700. Don't change anything else (like the number of players, the
rule set etc). Press start.
* Freeciv specific: If you set the game seed and map seed settings the
randomness goes away. If you can reproduce an issue after having set those
(and provide detailed instructions) it is a lot easier to reproduce the
* Freeciv specific: Look at the area where messages appear. Lines like 'set
mapsize "XYSIZE"' is your settings as text. That is easier to understand than
instructions on where to click etc.

> seemingly arbitrary number of around 130-200 tiles, sometimes it's higher
then other times
Some background: The map is generated from a setting called map seed. I assume
that map seed and game seed is set to 0 in your case. If that is true a
different number will be used as map seed each time. When the map is created
the generator will try to find a good place for each player to start. If it
can't it will try again and then fail. This is why it is arbitrary if you get
the message or not.

> Another problem is the isohex and hex option doesn't seem to work,
Do you mean that it don't change the graphics used to show it? As "something
seems to be different" I suspect that is the case.


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