Follow-up Comment #4, bug #19087 (project freeciv):

> And the main problem:
> - Works only with English locale when every .po file has at 
> least 2 (=plural) of each of translated, fuzzy, and 
> untranslated strings. This is due to very fragile method of 
> parsing msgmsrg --stat output. Even if we fix it to work with 
> current version of gettext, it would depend on gettext output 
> strings never to change...
I'm not actually so worried about that.

This only needs to absolutely work on the system of the person who builds the
distribution tarballs (me, currently).

I think if we force the locale for this command to C or en_US or something,
and make the parsing script paranoid and bail out if it sees any text it
doesn't completely understand how to parse, the risk of gettext's output
changing under our feet is acceptably small as to be managed by the release
manager doing a trial "make dist" run after major system upgrades / before
committing to a new release.
(Of course if there's a better way to get stats in machine-readable format
without awkward dependencies, I'm interested.)

This is going to want revisiting with the split of po-files in patch #4190. I
think the desired outcome is that the installer includes stats for both "core"
strings and extended nations (e.g., "Faroese (fo): core game translation 100%
complete, extended nations 36% complete").


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