Follow-up Comment #16, bug #18764 (project freeciv):

The bug is affecting Greatturn GT05, as reported here

Excerpt from the bug report:

I'm not sure how many turns it's been, but I believe ever since I achieve
Democracy and attempted to change to that government, I have been stuck in
Anarchy. The game is kind enough to post that I should pick a government in
the messages, but when I go to the government menu, there are none to choose
from. The only option there is to start a revolution. I tried to do that again
a while back to see if it would trigger something to reset, but that failed.

The server environment is a vanilla OpenVZ Debian 7.1 without custom
Freeciv-server is based upon the stable release 2.4.0.
Compile flags: -march=i686 -O3
GCC version: 4.7.2

Perhaps worth to mention, the game ruleset is a custom Civ2Civ3, available
here <>.

I cannot publish the savefile until GT05 is over.


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