Manuel Umlauf writes:
> I tried to run a freeciv server with authentication and a MySQL
> database under Arch Linux which uses MariaDB instead. The script
> didn't work for that.
> This doesn't work with MariaDB 5.5.33 because of 'TYPE=MyISAM' which
> is deprecated/removed. It also seems to be deprecated in MySQL.
> I hope it's okay to send this to the mailing list since I am not
> sure if this is considered a bug.

Thanks for the report. This is indeed the sort of thing we'd like to
hear about; a bug report would be appropriate.

I wonder if we can get rid of this implementation-specific "MyISAM"
thing anyway, since it's troublesome? Is it necessary to specify
something like that? It's not as if Freeciv needs a particularly
optimised database. (I've done zero research into why it's there, it was
like that when I found it.)

(What version of Freeciv are you using? If it's 2.4.x, then you might
want to consider using SQLite, which is perfectly adequate and less
hassle all round.)

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