Marko Lindqvist writes:
> On 17 November 2013 11:34, Jacob Nevins
> <> wrote:
>> (I've also written a NEWS file for S2_3, with a view to an eventual
>> 2.3.5 release: <>. I'm not
>> currently proposing to do this soon, although it probably wouldn't be
>> much overhead to do two releases at once.)
>  Well, I think we either release it relatively soon (well before
> 2.4.2) or not at all - no point in releasing from old stable series
> once current series is mature enough for everybody (unless some
> distribution out there runs a policy to accept bugfix releases of the
> upstream projects as updates to their releases)

So, as you'll have seen, I didn't do a 2.3.5 this weekend.

This was mainly because I was hoping to get to the bottom of
<>, a Windows crash which is causing pain to
at least one LT32 player.

However, it's now looking likely that this might just be a Gtk version
thing, so in fact the mere act of making a new release (presumably with
a new Windows Gtk library) might make it go away.

On the other hand, there are a whole pile of other Windows crashes in
2.3.4 that have come to light recently which don't look Gtk-shaped or
like things we've already fixed. So we might want to hold out for fixes
for some of those, possibly.

If we're to have a 2.3.5 release this year, I think it'll have to be
next weekend or the weekend after.

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