Summary: AI do not adjust taxes to avoid losing buildings or
units due to low funds
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: bardo
            Submitted on: lun 02 dic 2013 08:33:06 GMT
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In my opinion, this is the most important flaw of the AI since I started
testing it with v2.2, and it keeps being a problem in v2.4.1

I use the ruleset civ2civ3 for my tests, where the units are supported with
gold instead of shields under certain governments. 

I attach this ruleset, and a savegame where you can see the AI (koreans)
losing buildings and units almost every turn, while it keeps the taxes around
70% to science, when this AI could avoid the bankrupt by increasing the taxes
just a bit.
I'm not sure if the AI is blind to some gold expenses of this ruleset, or if
AI finds so important the research that it does not care the bankrupt.

This problem is not so evident with v2.3, but it also happens some times. I
have noticed the AI build less buildings and more units in v2.4, maybe that is
the reason why AI bankrupts are more often in this version.

To reproduce, load the savegame, toggle control of Koreans to the AI, set
timeout, and press end turn.


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Date: lun 02 dic 2013 08:33:06 GMT  Name:
AI_bankrupt-2.4.1.civ2civ3.ruleset.zip  Size: 64kB   By: bardo

Date: lun 02 dic 2013 08:33:06 GMT  Name: AI_bankrupt-2.4.1.sav.bz2  Size:
101kB   By: bardo



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