Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21320 (project freeciv):

This bug is related to bug #20062, where I placed a savegame for default
ruleset and version 2.4beta1.

In that bug, I noticed that AI is coded to maximize the science when it can't
avoid the bankrupt by maximizing the taxes.

In this new savegame, the AI set the taxes to 40% (science to 60%), when the
max is 90% with this government, and it loses a library due to low funds, when
taxes to 70% (science to 30%) would avoid the bankrupt.
The AI neither maximizes the science nor avoids the bankrupt.

If you continue playing the savegame, you will see that AI loses buildings or
units almost every turn during the next hundreds of turns. Such behavior makes
this AI unplayable for me.


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