Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21326 (project freeciv):

> My guess is that city_link() creates the link correctly to the 
> city now called Valencia, but the client processes this link by 
> city id rather than by name, and thus uses the old name. 
Spot on. See common/featured_text.c:text_tag_replace_text().

This kind of makes sense for units (as it can translate the name into the
reader's language), but that doesn't really apply to city names. And I think
the correct name will be provided in the link as a '[l tgt=city ...
name="Valencia"]', which makes it a bit silly to get this wrong!

Possible fixes are to make the client honour the 'name=' property of links
more often, or to defer the notify_player() on the server to later in
transfer_city() (probably after the call to send_city_info())?


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