Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21329 (project freeciv):

Problem is that "full tile height" is rather high for hex tiles (iso or not),
meaning origin is far above the "normal tile height" origin.

Part of the code calculating full tile height considers all hex tiles to be
like iso squares, and has:
t->full_tile_height = 3 * t->normal_tile_height / 2;

Attached WIP patch makes full tile height for hex tiles same as normal tile
height. This version does not touch isophex yet, but somewhat adjusted version
of hex2t is included. Even hex2t is not finished though, as some sprites (tile
output at least), despite being part of full tile size grid, use different
origin and are now then moved to wrong position.

For the hex2t change in origin is:
old full tile height - new full tile height =
3 * normal tile height / 2 - normal tile height =
1/2 * normal tile height = 1/2 * 72 = 36 pixels.


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