Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21425 (project freeciv):

If nreqs are used for this instead (as is conventional in effects.ruleset),
the "American" clause doesn't appear at all, so old code didn't display
misleading information and behaviour after this patch is no different.

nreqs and present=FALSE are supposed to be equivalent, so I'm not sure about
having the client display them differently.
On the other hand, I can see a use for letting ruleset authors decide which
requirements are important to display in the client UI, otherwise complex
conditions could have confusing descriptions when the client tries to describe
them (imagine if the whole Factory/Plant/Recycling condition mess was
displayed in full in bonuses like this).
On the gripping hand, we've no intention of providing nreqs for things other
than effects, so ruleset authors won't have the option of using this hint
there. If we think such a hint would be useful, it probably wants to be a new
requirement field "hidden" or something.

So I'm now unsure whether I will proceed with this patch, or make a simpler
one that simply discards all !present requirements to make the display
equivalent to nreqs.


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