Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21427 (project freeciv):

Hm. I'm not sure what I was thinking (it's been a long time) but I'm guessing
that I wanted to encourage people providing nation sets to provide all of:
0 a short, machine-friendly name ("all") to go in the setting (no spaces or
apostrophes or other awkwardness)
0 a short friendly name ("Extended") for the client UI
0 a long description for the client UI
I think the potential persistence in settings and server scripts and direct
user interaction is what makes this different from most other ruleset items
with rule_names.

However, since the nationset is compared case-insensitively, and spaces can be
quoted, I suppose it wouldn't be a disaster to allow 1 and 2 to be the same by

Looking at the minimal mandatory nation set spec in a ruleset is instructive.
For alien we have

name=_("All nations")

The only place this shows up is "/list nations":

> list nations
List of nation sets available for 'nationset' option:
 all         All nations (7 playable)

If we got rid of the rule_name it would look like

 All nations All nations (7 playable)

Bit ugly. We could just call it "All", which leaves the minor cosmetic
ugliness that it's got a leading uppercase letter whereas the default ruleset
doesn't (the fix would be simple if I cared that much). None of this is a very
strong argument for keeping rule_name mandatory.

I also wanted to encourage that nationsets had conventional names across
rulesets, so that if you speak English and always want all available nations,
you can just set nationset="all" and forget about it and expect it to Just
Work with standard-shaped rulesets.


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