Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21403 (project freeciv):

Should it even be possible for units to remove AutoOnCityCenter extras?
Since they are liable to pop into existence when a new tech is discovered, I
tend to think they should not be removeable.
The distinction for me is that AlwaysOnCityCenter overrides other requirements
(it would be equivalent to adding an "or CityTile(Center)" requirement to an
AutoOnCityCenter extra, if it were possible to add "or" rather than "and"
requirements). AutoOnCityCenter should be "whenever it's possible for extra to
exist on city centre tile, it should exist there", I think?
(...maybe we should be checking upgrade_all_city_extras() on city tile terrain
change; another ticket...)

(Sorry if there's a ticket about this already, but I didn't spot it -- patch
#4188 is vaguely in the same area.)


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