Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21403 (project freeciv):

> Should it even be possible for units to remove AutoOnCityCenter
> extras?

1) Maybe it's semantics, but unlike with the "ALWAYS" -flag this should not be
hard rule.

2) It's actually right thing to do in some situations. It's *not* guaranteed
that the extra will pop up back, for example if city has new owner who does
not know required tech to rebuild it (destroying railroads before losing city)
or, in case of some potential uses of extras by ruleset author, is not to be
penalised by bad extra. OTOH the case where it does pop back up should work in
a more reliable way than "next time new tech is discovered" -> new ticket

Maybe we need to give ruleset author control over this, as it would be nice to
protect user from pillaging "always pops back up" -extras.


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