Follow-up Comment #7, bug #21437 (project freeciv):

Still haven't checked the savegame, but one thing that needs changing would be
logic in deciding which non-worked tile to improve.

Currently it always looks for biggest improvement, primarily among the worked,
and with halved want among non-worked tiles.
That's correct way to go with worked tiles. City gains more from +2 to one
tile than +1 to another tile, no matter what are their totals.
However, with non-worked tiles it should look for making best total so that
next tile to get worked produces as much as possible. Improvement of +1 on top
of 3 would produce better total than +2 on top of 1. +1 on top of 2 could
still be thought to be less effective use of worker than +2 on top of 1, but
given that +1 vs +2 in practice is often result of Despotism penalty cutting
the first one and there being more non-Despotic future potential in it, one
can't tell which way is better, and should not special-case it at all.

This affects especially Despotism, as the penalty cuts down high yield often
making autosettler to select between (+2 - 1) = +1 and +2 causing it to always
select lower yield tile where +2 takes place.


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