Summary: [metaticket] Fix non-nested requirement ranges
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            Submitted on: Sat Jan 11 19:11:05 2014
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Current code is inconsistent whether REQ_RANGE_ADJACENT/CADJACENT looks at the
centre tile (the one checked by REQ_RANGE_LOCAL) or *just* the surrounding

The following do include the centre tile;
* SPECIAL (up to 2.5)
* TERRAIN (at least 2.3+)
* RESOURCE (2.5+)

The following do not:
* TERRAINCLASS (at least 2.3+)
* BASE (at least 2.3 - 2.5)
* CITYTILE (2.4+)
* ROAD (2.5)
* TERRFLAG (2.5+)
* BASEFLAG (2.6+)
* ROADFLAG (2.6+)
* EXTRA (2.6+)

(Where supported, REQ_RANGE_CITY always does include the centre tile, I

I think there are a few reasons that we should make it a general principle
that requirement ranges should be strictly nested (e.g. adjacent implies
centre), wherever it makes sense:
* Various code treats the ranges as a total order, with higher-numbered ranges
enclosing lower-numbered ones.
* When multiple ranges of effect are available, the AI will pick the highest
range to consider.
* For ADJACENT, centre+surroundings is more likely to be what the ruleset
author wanted, and we can't usually express 'or' in requirements lists;
however, with centre+surrounding semantics, the ruleset author can obtain a
just-the-surroundings effect with range=ADJACENT + range=LOCAL|present=FALSE.

(The nesting is probably not completely precise; I wouldn't be surprised if
there are corner cases as you move from tile-based ranges to player-based
ones, or for requirement types like DIPLREL. I don't think that matters

Another example of this principle (to which I think we do already adhere) is
that a requirement in the ALLIED range should be satisfied if we ourselves
have the thing (as for PLAYER), not just if one of our allies does.


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