Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4429 (project freeciv):

Have you tried using git to get the source tree instead? Many projects find
that a git checkout (containing the entire history!) uses less disk space than
just a SVN checkout.

You could even git clone --depth $N git:// (for
some small number N) if you really don't want the history. My clone of
git:// is about 700MB, and goes to about 850MB when

Or, if you really wanted a partial checkout, something like

git archive --remote=git:// R2_4_17 common
include server etc.

(BTW I use the git mirror at git:// to keep up to

I'd like to strongly urge against strongly coupling the Freeciv workflow to
SVN in order to accommodate building on constrained environments. It reads a
bit like an "XY Problem" to me :-/


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