Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21535 (project freeciv):

> It used to get the benefit of the UTYF_IGTER unit flag in
> previous versions of freeciv.

> This was introduced by patch #3886.

Indeed this seems not to be mentioned in the discussion, though I remember
thinking it as bugfix for civ/2 compatibility (disembarging is different from
normal movement in many ways, including the fact that unit moves from
non-native tile - tile it's not normally able to travel at all)

> no-UCF_TERRAIN_SPEED ... I don't see why those units couldn't
> have UTYF_IGTER flag or any road benefit at all

Err... because !UCF_TERRAIN_SPEED means just that - speed is not affected by
anything like terrain or roads. The details could be a bit different now (than
in 2.2 where UCF_TERRAIN_SPEED was introduced) that we can control nativity of
the roads, and thus could have !UCF_TERRAIN_SPEED units generally be able to
use roads, but disallowing it for each road type for air units.


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