Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20572 (project freeciv):

How about something like this:

Have a request client can send to server to ask server what it currently
thinks time to TC is. Client notes when it sent the request, and sees how long
the reply takes to get to it. Client treats the time between send and response
as an upper bound on its error. Client repeatedly asks (with rate limiting)
until the delay is below a threshold.
In the meantime, client displays timeout as "???" or "about 4 hours" or "5m
+/- 30s" or some such (and for unitwaittime indication per bug #18664, um, not
sure? Probably err on the side of not displaying a "you can't move" indicator
until it's pretty sure what time it is)

This will tell the client when it's got incomplete knowledge. It might fail to
actually give adequate results -- certainly I imagine that the client's
display will be wrong while the client is chewing through lots of animations
and other updates, but the player won't be able to play in this period.
Hopefully once all activity has died down and the client is usable by the
player, the above would get the client in sync with the server fairly

(Could also put client's own estimate of timeout in request and have server
tell it the error in the response; that way the client would know how much of
the delay was in each direction. Although I'm not sure what use it can make of


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