Summary: Target-specific city "production boost" effect
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            Submitted on: Sun Feb  2 11:43:51 2014
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Idea that came out of a conversation on IRC:

Having actual build cost of units and cities vary depending on effects would I
think be hard, but it could be simulated by having an effect that multiplies
up production when a city is building a specific thing.

So, for example, in civ2civ3 Aqueducts cost 60 without lake/river, 20 with
(among other differences). With this effect, we'd set a base cost of 60 and do
something like:

type = "Production_Boost"
value = 3
reqs =
   { "type", "name", "range"
     "Improvement", "Aqueduct", "Local"
     "Extra", "River", "Adjacent"

Building still costs 60 shields, but if you have a production surplus of
1/turn it only takes 20 turns because that turns into 3 shields/turn

(This is just an example, and isn't sufficient to get rid of the requirement
for multiple buildings in real civ2civ3, although it's a step on the way.)

Compared to changing the actual cost this has the advantage that it's clear
what happens if the requirement goes away partway through building.

Things that need thinking about include at least:
* buy cost (unchanged, I think, as if you discount it based on current
presence of requirement, you can get a big discount if you only have that
requirement briefly)
* unit bribe cost (unchanged, I think)
* building sell price (simplest would be unchanged, but can this be
* contribution of caravans to boosted wonders (undiscounted, I assume)

Anything else?

Also, we may want this expressed as a percentage rather than integer
multiplier to allow more modest bonuses ("build Granary 25% faster" kind of
thing). However, that raises the question of how to deal with fractional
production points (if a city only has 1/turn surplus, the naive implementation
loses all of a 25% bonus). So that might want to wait until a future


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