Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4470 (project freeciv):

For buy cost there could be another effect, something like:

type = "Buy_Discount_Pct"
value = +50
reqs =
   { "type", "name", "range"
     "Improvement", "Aqueduct", "Local"
     "Extra", "River", "Adjacent"

Would allow variation of by costs independent of production boost, though it's
aditional effect but that gives some flexibility.

I see no reason why this should affect bribe/incite costs in any way.

For sell price depending on conditions (which is up to the ruleset) there
could probably be exploitable situations. Though I think that previously
mentioned Buy discount could be applied inverted to give less money for
improvements "built this way"; though realistically I we can't assume that
conditions upon selling have not changed and thus various peculiar and
exploitable situations can arise (and trucking such things seems highly
impractical). Also from realistic perspective it seems that what would matter
for properties value would be it's functionality not how cheap it was to build
(i.e. if someone screws up contract and overruns costs building something it
does not really make end result any more valuable).

As for caravans I would think that discount should apply, if help arives to
the work site, and it is more suited for said work its only natural that help
would be able to do more job with same resources. (think building haging
gardens in a middle of a desert and in a middle of a jungle).

As for fractional boost, it's a good idea and I see no problem of loosing that
production in such cases. It is already the case for worked tiles. I.e. rail
gives 50% prod bonus, and some (or all if normal output is 1) of it is lost
for production output in uneven numbers. Also, if caravan/disband output is
boosed even in such normaly lost cases it can be usefull, as you could gain
some advantage that way.


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