Follow-up Comment #6, patch #4392 (project freeciv):

Strategic resources would be awesome. From what I understand (and that is
quite little at least at the moment) about freeciv, it would seem that all
resource should be implemented using extras/flags, effects and requirements.
And I do not think that having "time dependent" showing is good. I would
imagine something like visibility effect/description: 

type = "Resource_Visible"
value = +50
reqs =
   { "type", "name", "range", "survives"
     "Tech", "Combustion", "Player", 1
     "Terrain", "Desert", "Local", 0

Survives tag could be used to make some interesting effects, though it
probably can cause undesirable effects too. On the other hand all of this
would probably interact very badly with map trading.  My understanding would
be that resource would be just a flag on terrain (also having any ammount of
possibel resources per terrain would be cool) and all qualities of that
resource would be expressed using effects. That way you could even have
changing value of resource depending on development of your civ. Maybe at the
start oil is worth only a little bit, but as you progress it becomes more
important and thus provide more bennefits (well besides of allowing more
advanced units and improvements). Maybe later you go all nuclear and oil
looses importance, and instead uranium is all what matters.

type = "Prod_Boost_Pct"
value = +50
reqs =
   { "type", "name", "range"
     "Tech", "Combustion", "Player"
     "Terrain", "Desert", "Local"

The point about resources dissalowing certain improvements is very unclear to
me. I do not think that there are any limitations on improvements based on
resources, it seems that that is fully defined by terrain. Of course this is
for version I'm laying 2.4.1.


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