Follow-up Comment #3, bug #20685 (project freeciv):

I have the vague assumption that it connects to something I just have seen
often with Xaw client 2.4.1+, Gnome2 and Squeeze:

As reported, sometimes windows "vanish" in the background, not really vanish
but layer behind the client main window. You see them in the task bar.

At that time, opening a city dialog of a city was very delayed, I saw the
frame and some inner frames, no more, no data. Some seconds later, the data
appear and was shown, sometimes not. Always I found some city dialog windows
in the background. Maybe the same city.

So, this doesn't happen with GTK2. But.

Maybe some windows vansih in the background with GTK2 client on unity? User
tries to reopen the same windows again and the client (or the server?) gets

When founding a city, depending on your message options, you get a popup
notification, or the message window is reopened, or lifted up in front from
the background. In Xaw that made the city window (just opening automatically)
vanish behind.

see bug #21607


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