Follow-up Comment #5, bug #21629 (project freeciv):

The attached patch shows the changes I've made to civ2/effects.ruleset (2.4.2)
so that barbarians have no waste. It took some searching through the code to
realize that effect values are additive and not last-effect-wins. I'm assuming
that in commercial civ2, barbarian waste is not affected by any factors such
as year or government, and that the waste percentage is not some number that
is close but not exactly 0.

To support a minimum for corruption/waste, apparently changes need to be made
to city_waste() in common/city.c. I think this needs to be done in a separate
ticket, and if I were to do this, I would to need to set up a build system
first which will take some indeterminate amount of time.

Btw, I have realized that the screenshots I've attached may not be covered
under fair use. In particular, I'm unsure that display of such screenshots
"does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the
copyrighted material" (Wikipedia wording). I'm probably worrying too much but
feel free to remove them if necessary.

(file #20062)

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