Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21710 (project freeciv):

> I always liked the railroad message ...
Patch #4405 discusses a problem we're about to have with the railroad message.
Perhaps it's of interest to your goals too.

> Further, we could concider adding images to each tech to be 
> shown as well. [...] Images are already there..
Indeed, they are, but underused -- you only ever see them in the help.

> And a generated message of "You can now build this and 
> that and foo and bar ...".
I have some vague thoughts on how we can improve the built-in autogenerated
help with hyperlinks, which might help with this too. I should find time to
write them up.

> Now I want to make a suggestion for the realisation. This is to 
> provide a form of default 'inspirational descriptions'. This is 
> because most rulesets have a large set of common techs and 
> you'll end up put the same descriptions everywere. Also, the 
> slightest difference between rulesets bring these texts two- or 
> multifold in the translation file. 
This problem isn't unique to these messages, though -- we have to work quite
hard to make existing ruleset descriptions not diverge unnecessarily across
the many rulesets we ship. So I don't think we should invent some new solution
just for one aspect of rulesets.

I'm strongly inclined not to try to solve that problem by having pools of
strings, meaning we have to think up names for each string -- something the
gettext approach to i18n avoids, which I'm rather glad of.
Rather, I'd prefer to investigate ways to make discrepancies more obvious --
some check that developers (and maybe ruleset editors) can run to see if
they've introduced new divergent strings, reports on strings indexed by
similarity, that sort of thing.
For instance, I've vaguely wondered about freeciv-ruledit being able to flag
how many translations are available in currently loaded localisations for the
currently entered string in an edit box (and maybe suggest similar strings?)

(The inspirational messages sound like a bit of an l10n nightmare to me. Also,
we're not going to be able to get Leonard Nimoy
<> to read them out for us. Maybe RMS? <--


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