Summary: actionwaittime: terrain alterations etc near turn
change take an extra turn
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            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Thu 27 Feb 2014 00:48:52 UTC
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An idea that came out of a conversation on #longturn.

As I understand it, currently there's a problem on longturn.org where players
can log in just before turn change and start building a fortress, which will
be immediately built on turn change before anyone can react.

We could have a setting 'actionwaittime' analogous to 'unitwaittime',
specifying a minimum time before turn change for activities such as building
bases, roads, pillaging, converting etc. Any activity started after that
window would simply take one turn longer to complete, so that 'instant'
fortresses were not possible.

Possibly the extra turn penalty should only apply if the activity would
otherwise take a single turn -- if you start a 36-turn transformation with a
single unit, it doesn't turn into 37.

Would need care to ensure that piling extra workers into the task can't defeat
the penalty.

I think we'd have to break our usual forgiveness principle for this -- if a
unit cancels an activity and then restarts it later in the same turn, we'd
have to add the 1-turn penalty, otherwise a unit could be 'invisibly' building
a fortress.

(For now I believe they've solved this with two-stage fortresses -- a
"Pre-Fortress" base and a "Fortress" base.)

12:21 < akfaew> but what do you think about not being able to make forts,
                say, 6 hours before tc?
12:22 < akfaew> it's a bit too late for major changes, but this seems like one

                line of code. unless forts are defiend as some abstract
                in the ruleset, and not an entity in the game
12:22 < akfaew> jtn: what do you think? does that seem like a straightforward
                line patch?
12:23 < jtn> Might need a bit of context as to the problem you're trying to 
12:24 < akfaew> jtn: if it is less than 6 hours before tc, then a worker order

                to make forts will fail
12:24 < Wieder_fi> The problem is that people build forts just before the tc 
                   and that's RTS 
12:24 < jtn> Feels a bit like unitwaittime. Wondering about, you can start 
             building a fort, but if it's within 6h of TC the fort won't be 
             complete until turn after next
12:27 < jtn> How about we make the time taken to build an extra
             greater close to TC, depending on a server option like 
12:28 < jtn> That way you don't have to micromanage when you start building a

             base, but you don't get instant forts through sniping
12:28 < jtn> And the UI gives instant feedback whether your fort is going to 
             take 1 turn or 2.
12:29 < akfaew> well pre-forts are for that
12:36 < akfaew> yes, pre-fort is a required terrain infrastructure for a fort
12:37 < akfaew> it does nothing, except give you borders


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