Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21752 (project freeciv):

somewhat related.

1) click on "connect" when the server's not there and the client freezes until

2) I managed somehow (due to another bug) to have default_metaserver empty in
rc file. On the command line, I get
1: Invalid $http_proxy or metaserver value, must start with 'http://'
an the metaserver tab remains empty

3) the analogue error message for (2) in the gtk2 window is hard to grap, as
for all errors only floating-by in the window bottom.

4) vertical space is badly used to show the player list if aifill>5 - on
bigger screens.

5) for the debian bug: isn't this what -s option is for? If you use another
host all the time, a one liner will do. I use a starter in the panel with
other options.



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