Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4602 (project freeciv):

My 2 cents here.
The ruleset civ2civ3 was designed mainly for single player games: it slows
down the gameplay, tries to make more challenging the space race, there are
several wonders that affects ai_love, and I think the combat rules work better
in non-concurrent mode...

But at same time it tries to take into account, and to avoid, any possible
exploit of the rules, so it can be possible to use it online.
It seems that online players like to use it for long turn games (or great
turn), with some minor changes. They use to double (or triple) the movement
points of every unit, to add a pre-fortress, and change the effect or cost of
some wonders, mainly.

I also wondered if the version hosted here should be optimized for single or
multiplayer, because most of the feedback comes from online players. Until
now, I have tried to design it for single player, but to try to reduce to the
minimum the changes needed to enjoy it online.

Anyway, I think civ2civ3 ruleset can not be used to play quick online games
(contrary to long turn where 1 turn = 1 day), and so it can not replace the
current "multiplayer" ruleset. But please, let me know if someone tested it
this way.


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