Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21795 (project freeciv):

> Calculate automatically the bonus to defend no matter if the 
> units was ordered to fortify or not, in a similar way that it
> is already done for units in cities or fortresses.

If I understand correctly, you want to revert to civ1 model, where fortifying
in the open is immediate action, not requiring the one turn to go from
FORTIFYING -> FORTIFIED. Note that units in cities already are always
considered fortifIED, even if they have spent all their movement to reach the
city (and thus would do even the fortifYING only next turn).

That would make it easier to advance and fortify where you got.
Current model vs civ1:
turn 1: moved / moved (0 movement points left)
turn 2: fortifying / fortified
turn 3: fortified / fortified


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